Why Fad Diets Don't Work?

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Did you try that new diet? Is the Green Tea detox diet any good? Or should I go for that all new intermittent fasting? What about Keto or GM Diet?

I'm sure you would come across these questions. As a Dietitian, there is one more question that I get asked more often. Whether it's Instagram Live, Facebook DM, a party, or even a family get-together: "will this diet work?".

With new cool diets cropping every now and then, it's tough to figure what's the real deal. But if you look at statistics. It looks grim. Two out of every five people on a diet quit in the first seven days! Only one ends up following through. Diet is no longer about health and happiness but it's rather a desperate attempt to making you do just-in-fashion yo-yo diets! Ever wondered why you suddenly gain those extra kilos gain post that “new diet plan”. Perhaps, it only resulted in water loss or unsustainable weight loss.

These fad diets more often than not aren't right for you. At least not in the way shared on Instagram or written on the random blog on Google. But people want an easy route. Why consult a dietitian or nutrition professional who recommends a structured diet plan? People automatically assume that to go on a personalized diet plan means starving and surviving on water. Or perhaps give up foods they enjoy for life. Instead, they want a quick fix. A detox. Or Intermittent fasting.

The popularity of this diest is the result of some flawed beliefs. People believe weight loss is the result of persevering through the miserable-hungry-sad phase. Just hang in there with your detox diet, and you will be sorted. Unfortunately, it doesn't often work that way, and even if it works, more often than not the lost weight is gained back soon.

Instead of trusting the cool superfood sellers, fad trends, or Instagram celebrities, trust professional dietitians and nutritionists. As a trained dietitian who has spent half a decade in the nutrition industry, I strongly believe weight loss isn't just about losing weight. It's about feeling good about yourself, and that requires sustainable behavioral change. Instead of labeling temporary fluctuation in weight as weight loss, go for sustainable change that helps you find a healthy and happier you. And no it isn't about starving yourself. Or filling your plate with expensive, exotic veggies. It's about careful goal-setting, science-based conscious meal planning, and follow up with mindful eating.

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