My Story

I'm Smiley Gumber. I am super passionate about anything related to diet, nutrition, and fitness. About half a decade back, I finished my Bachelor's and Master's from Punjab University in Nutrition Science. I was a gold medalist, and I really enjoyed immersing myself in nutrition research. After graduation, I interned at PGIMER Chandigarh as a Clinical Dietitian. Post that I worked in early-stage fitness-tech startup Fitso, helping the team setup tech-based nutrition practices that could be scaled. In order to gain deep nutrition knowledge, I worked with celebrity-nutritionist Nmami Agarwal as a Senior Dietitian handling celebrity clientele. Recently, I worked with Zoe, a growing health-food brand. At Zoe, I worked with founders to launch and improve products including detox solutions.


After dabbling through multiple roles and spending significant time in this industry, I've realized I have a distinct take on the nutrition industry. I want to build a customer-first, nutrition brand that cares for you - the consumers. I see a deep lack of nutrition science knowledge in most of the nutrition-tech and food-tech brands in India. The industry that I care about the most is filled with fake promises of shortcuts and quick fixes. That's why I have started Healthy Spoon to offer sustainable solutions to help you find a happier and healthier you.

The Process

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